Today’s book is from Dr. Kelly Brogan. Dr. Brogan practices in New York City, and describes herself as a holistic psychiatrist. When you watch our The Empowering Neurologist interview you will understand why. Be sure to grab a copy of A Mind of Your Own after you watch!

Book information

Title: A Mind of Your Own
Author: Dr. Kelly Brogan
Publisher: Harper Wave
Release Date: March 15, 2016

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  • Lynn Dell

    I don’t know a whole lot yet, but even I wouldn’t have written an article like that. Sensational best describes it. For those with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s it borders on evil with the promise of false hope.

  • John Howe

    What about the possibility of Alzheimers actually being type 3 diabetes and sufferers actually improving on a low carb high fat diet? A big hit of sugar from Maple Syrup would have to be a big negative.

    • David Perlmutter

      It’s an appropriate moniker! I mention it in my work several times.

    • NoExitLoveNow .

      Treating type 2 diabetes by eating a high fat diet (especially saturated fat) is like throwing gasoline on a house on fire.

      • John Howe

        Eating a high carbohydrate/sugar diet is what throws gasoline on the fire of diabetes, everybody needs to keep control of their insulin and that also involves being careful with the amount of fruit eaten due to the amount of fructose that it contains. While maple Syrup may contain beneficial substances it would still spike your insulin. By eliminating sugar, Grains and vegetable oils from your diet the incidence of chronic disease can be reduced and sometimes they are cured.

        • NoExitLoveNow .

          Sure, if you have diabetes cake and soda should not be on the menu; however, a high fat diet (especially saturated fat) is a ridiculous suggestion and shows a complete lack of understanding. It is also, I believe, the result of an irrational religious faith in a ridiculous extreme nonsensical diet.

          • John Howe

            Old news, we need saturated fat in our diet.

          • NoExitLoveNow .

            Complete bullshit – for one thing all the long lived healthy 7th Day Adventist vegans in Loma Linda California (the longest lived group of people in the world) belie that assertion.

            I would agree eating vegetable oil is not good (I do not); however, the idea of a high fat diet made up of primarily animal fat is a completely contraindicated by ALL the facts. You are living in a bizarre fantasy world.

  • ChrisMax

    Well actually it wasn’t just Fox News and not just Canadian Scientists. Yes this kind of research is complicated and claims must be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. However to dismiss it entirely is not seeing the forest for the trees. Maple syrup has many natural ingredients as well sugar and it is not the same as artificial pancake syrup. All those ingredients work with the sugar. It’s like an orange, yes you can take vitamin C tablets but it’s not the same as eating an orange. The orange has many compounds and fiber as well as vitamin C and sugar that work together and are way more beneficial than a vitamin C tablet. That said (written) I don’t advocate consumption of sugar but I’m open to Maple Syrup having some potential to treat Alzheimer’s.

    I have a mother in law with Alzheimer’s. During her life she had the worst diet imaginable hating fruits and vegetables (her food of choice mostly fast food). She also never exercised. Many people in her generation were the same and didn’t get the disease. We’re not taking an chances my wife and I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and I love Maple Syrup!

    • Mort

      Hi David Perlmutter.

      Now see what you started.

      Some delighted readers will read the first paragraph here and quickly rush off the the super market for a large helping of mayple syrup, and now also probably a box of mars bars.

      It’s only a week ago I was told of an elderly diabetic who was heard to say “A mars bar a day keeps the doctor away.”

      • Jacquelyn Johnston

        Maybe you could share this with your diabetic friend:
        “A mars bar a day leads to pancreas

      • Cathie Alescio

        You are so spot on funny!

      • http://willingness-to-listen.blogspot.co.uk/ binra

        Whilst spoken in jest – there is a serious point here – in that a lazy avoidance of personal responsibility seeks ‘magic’ or shortcut answers so as to NOT be interrupted in their particular style of sleepwalking.
        Initially this can work for a while – if you follow information from trusted sources or conditionings gained by previous experience. But life is uniquely expressing itself as You – along with all that you are in relation with – and part of that expression is a quality of discernment – unless that is so denied as to leave a conditioned robot in place of a living relational dance.

        However, I come back to state that our conscious use of language is one of the most powerful tools for transformation – for it is not just the form of what is said – but it true relational context from which it arises.

        There is nothing one can do to be received by anyone who is not only not listening – but determined to hear only what they already decided you said.

        I hold that health is inner wholeness – and that this extends and reflects in our relationships – on all levels. Dis-ease is also fragmentation and conflict, in which UN-recognized mis-alignments and imbalances become focal points of mis-identification. From a false basis – everything else will seem lopsided and chaotic.

        There are occasions where inner realisations have suddenly shifted – healed – chronic dis-ease – but that does not invalidate every other way in which such a restored presence of living displaces a conflicted sense of ‘problem’.

        On one level the form is the carrier of the wave or ‘non-local’ vibrational field. But a filtering distortion of conflicting self-definition experiences the world as if it had built in meanings – and suffers them as if discrete facts.

        Healthy mind and body can facilitate free awareness in which to notice and be curious. Thus a device for self-limiting or indeed humanly limiting others is that of distractive addictions, inflammation, diversion in division within a drama of self that implicitly demands resolving – though set in terms that cannot be resolved.

  • Roberta Green

    Maple syrup is prebiotic. Maybe it contains a culture not found elsewhere?

  • Wil Bremers

    Here is the original researcher Donald Weaver and the new director of the research institute KREMBIL RESEARCH “A rarity among researchers in the world, he is the only qualified person in Canada to be a practicing neurologist with a PhD in medicinal chemistry and drug design”. http://www.uhn.ca/corporate/News/Pages/sweet_results_maple_syrup_research_gets_worldwide_coverage.aspx and in this interview in the last line he says “I don’t take it for health benefits, but I do love it.”
    It’s all about polyphenols. Just like in red wine: you have to drink far more than you will ever survive to get the amount of polyphenols to cure your Alzheimer.