30 Day Heart Tune-Up

Cardiovascular disease remains the #1 killer of people in the United States today – accounting for more deaths than all forms of cancer combined.” So begins Dr. Steven Masley’s book, The 30 Day Heart Tune-Up.

And what’s even more compelling is the science that Dr. Masley eloquently reveals that totally supports the notion that by and large, cardiovascular disease is preventable and reversible. You will find this book to be rich in science as well as Dr. Masley’s personal experience, but presented in a way that is fully understandable and more importantly, actionable.

Dr. Masley deftly outlines the specific changes needed in terms of exercise, diet, and supplements to bring about a body-wide reduction of the key player not only in cardiovascular disease, but essentially all degenerative conditions of our modern world – inflammation. As such, Dr. Masley’s new book is in perfect alignment with the key message of our most respected medical thought leaders.

For too long we have been convinced to go ahead and live our lives however we choose and when, for example, we suddenly find ourselves suffering from heart disease, we can turn to modern medical science to bail us out. The truth of the matter is that the actual conventional treatments for coronary artery disease are of limited value.

Fortunately, Dr. Masley provides us with a fresh perspective virtually opening the door to heart health and even restoration with a lifestyle plan we can all get our arms around.

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Author: Steven Masley, MD

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