Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes

Despite the prevalence of top-notch science arguing otherwise, many healthcare practitioners persist in telling their clients that the way to lose weight is to go on a low-fat diet. And beyond weight loss, the “low-fat” message gained considerable traction since the late 1980’s as it related to everything from reducing risk of diabetes to heart disease and even brain degeneration.

Gary Taubes, in his incredibly well-researched and easily understood book, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About Itbrings the reader up to speed with where current science is at it relates to the role of our dietary choices in determining health destiny. He reveals, with no restraint, the powerfully damaging effects of sugar and carbohydrates on human physiology and makes a powerfully compelling case for bringing healthful fats back to the table.

This book will provide you with a solid understanding of the caustic role of the hormone insulin in terms of increasing fat deposition and storage as well as its ultimate downstream effects on increasing inflammation, the key player in virtually all degenerative disorders that plague Western cultures. And the text is rich in history, providing an intriguing narrative as to how modern society has gotten so far off track in terms of what is popularized as representing good nutrition.

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Author: Gary Taubes

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