The Disease Delusion

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to read an advance copy of The Disease Delusion by my close friend and colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Bland. And before I discuss the book itself, you should know that I consider Jeff to be one of the most influential leaders in medicine today. His doctorate is in biochemistry and he has worked side by side with some of the most highly regarded researchers and clinicians of our time including two time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling. Over the past two decades I have absolutely cherished the conversations I’ve had with Jeff as we’ve explored and even surpassed the boundaries of not only current science and medicine, but also what is to come.

The Disease Delusion is a book long overdue. It begins by contextualizing our current healthcare crisis in terms of mainstream medicine’s neglect for the embracing the notion that lifestyle factors matter – greatly in terms of health outcome. Dr. Bland then explores the “Seven Core Physiological Processes,” exploring things like detoxification, energy and structure with an emphasis on how these processes are modifiable based upon our lifestyle choices, and how health can manifest when these changes are made. Finally, The Disease Delusion takes a more personalized approach, allowing the reader opportunities to recognize how an individualized program recognizing the uniqueness of each of us offers up the most traction in terms of developing the most effective lifestyle plan.

Most importantly, while The Disease Delusion was artfully written by this brilliant individual, you’ll find it to be incredibly user-friendly, so everyone will benefit by reading this important book.

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Author: Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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