One of the 150+ recipes in The Grain Brain Cookbook.

Find the recipe here on my site.

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  • nathalie

    What is the recipe??

  • Casper

    Great and simple recipe!
    Check that your chorizo is gluten free (some can contain flour).

  • Cindy Robin

    Looks good. But is that a non-stick pan? :(

  • Lorna Shouse

    I cook my delicious eggs in a porcelain enamel pan! Thanks for your book, GRAIN BRAIN!

  • Linda Hicks

    This looks yummy! Can’t wait to try it. I noticed your online recipe has different directions, cooking times, and oven temperatures. That’s a little confusing but I’ll experiment. So glad you and Leiza are making these videos, showing us how to APPLY the knowledge from your books to the food on our plates! Thanks.


    Costco sells a Kirkland signature ORGANIC EGG and it says, “healthy, cage-free environment” and that they eat “certified organic feed”. Does that mean NOT GRAIN FED or they eat “certified organic grain”?

    • lynettte mayo

      Cage Free is a big LIE. They are not cage free, maybe a short time to get away with the lying? Pasture raised eggs are real eggs, not fed grains, most likely GMO’s to boot? Health Store is your best bet for nutrient dense eggs Familiarize yourself wit
      the Ag-Gag laws, etc. and how your eggs are truly produced?.

    • David Perlmutter

      Can’t say I am familiar with the brand.


        Sooooo, if the hens/eggs are free to roam BUT are grain fed, is it best not to eat eggs and chicken AT ALL because they have omega 6?

  • dennis

    thanks mandy!!!!!!!!!!!! this really pisses me off – I bought those eggs till I read the fine print. I believe certified organic feed means grain, and it is not non GMO certified

  • Nanrunner

    Looks great! Also looks like I may want to order the whole cookbook. :)

    • David Perlmutter

      Hope you will decide to do just that!

  • shirleycolee

    Another great recipe. Thanks for your contribution to our health. Looking forward to the cookbook.

    • David Perlmutter

      Just a week more Shirley.

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Egg packaging should say pasture raised. Cage free does not mean the chickens run around in the outdoors and eat what’s there, it only means they have a little bit more space indoors and are fed grains. The store which has the pasture raised eggs is far away from my house so when I don’t drive to get there, when I buy regular eggs in the closest store, my body can tell the difference, I don’t feel as good. *sigh* Looking forward to Dr Perlmutter cookbook!

  • lynette mayo

    I like this receipe very much, high in fiber. How do you find Jerusalem Artichokes this time if year, there are non in S.California?

    • David Perlmutter

      I turn that question to the community. Does anyone have any good resources?

      • lynette mayo

        Sorry, forgot to get back. I actually found the tubors recommended by Dr.Leach, they are called Sunchokes, taste like Jicama, l am using them in salads and vegetable sautes, also using leeks as well.

      • lynette mayo

        I found them, they are not called Jerusalem Artichokes anymore, they are now, Sunflower chokes. Taste a little like Jicama.

  • Kara Sorensen

    I ordered the cookbook and can’t wait for it to arrive. That recipe looks delicious! Thank you for spreading the word about healthy nutrition, it helps me in my work when an MD says the same things I’m sharing.

    • David Perlmutter

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Kara.

      • Kara Sorensen


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    We need quality eggs easily available for consumers. Start an email campaign to Costco and ask them to make their egg supplier actually raise their hens in a PASTURE and let them be pasture fed as the photograph on their egg carton implies! Their hens are cage free (so not free to roam on the range!?) and are fed “certified organic feed” which is what? GRAIN FED?–so no Omega 3’s there?

  • Abundant-Wellness

    Thank you! The combo looks delish! Leeks are a great breakfast addition. I would respectfully add a word of caution for readers/watchers to read the ingredients on each package of Chorizo (or ask the butcher) as many have ingredients that include gluten. But SO worth the flavor if you find a good one!

  • LizzyQ

    In the video where you and your wife are cooking Manchego Tortillas…Teflon???….Really??? As a health care professional promoting wellness, I believe to be in integrity, you want to promote wellness in every aspect including role modelling and your cookware. Please look into the health issues with Teflon and consider more healthy cookware. Love your work, book and talks! Many thanks for all you do.

    • Antonio

      What should we use instead of teflon coated pots?????

      • Lydia Segal

        A well seasoned cast iron skillet is non-stick and healthy. Check it out, I am sure you will find scads of info on the Internet!

  • Diana Lynne

    I have your cookbook..I love the recipes. I really like the eggs benedict..

    • David Perlmutter

      One of my favorite morning meals!