Maari C.

The most revealing part of Maari’s story is in the final paragraph. – Dr. Perlmutter

Several years ago I started suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, and I quickly began researching holistic alternatives to the pharmacy medications doctors wanted to put me on. After three months of these attacks, my health was repaired within a month.

Fast forward seven years, and after my second pregnancy I started breaking out in hives all over my body, on top of having an under-active thyroid (a big surprise as I had an over-active thyroid). I was forced to take Synthroid.

A few months ago, my skin rashes came back. On top of that, I was exhausted and depressed. After stumbling across some literature, I adopted a wheat-free diet. As a result, I feel amazing. In two weeks of stopping wheat, my skin cleared up from a rash I’ve had for 7 years! My energy soared through the roof. I didn’t get hungry or cranky (amazing since I was eating 1200 calories a day on this cleanse). I found myself so excited to drink my green juice for lunch because it made me feel like a million bucks!

The other thing that amazed me was that I was no longer dizzy. I was two weeks into “wheat free” while on the swings with my daughter, and for the first time I wasn’t dizzy or nauseous on the swings. It has been amazing!

I have been amazed at how my brain feels after this. It feels clearer and I’m more articulate. I did go back on wheat for two days to see how it affected me, however, and within thirty minutes of eating a slice of bread, I felt lightheaded. Later, I had some pizza and was miserable that night I was miserable. Within the day, I had a cold sore and an eye infection, things I haven’t had since college.

-Maari C.

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