I’ve been posting over the past several years about the relationship of Alzheimer’s disease to inflammation, and the process of inflammation in general. More recently we’ve seen information relating LPS, a chemical in the gut, also being related to inflammation. Interestingly, LPS is elevated Alzheimer’s disease as well.

The article that we are looking at in this video blog looks at the relationship of LPS to the process of neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells. We see in elderly laboratory animals that when LPS is elevated these animals are less able to grow new brain cells – again, that’s the process of neurogenesis. But what is so intriguing about this report is that when these laboratory mice are given a wheel to exercise on, then LPS is less likely to compromise their ability to grow new brain cells.

For me, the take home message is the importance of aerobic exercise, in this case being able to offset the damage to the brain caused by inflammation as a result of higher levels of LPS in the bloodstream. So when we see LPS higher in the blood of Alzheimer’s patients (and again LPS comes from what we call gram negative bacteria that live within the intestines) it’s telling us two things: 1) inflammation has been amped up, and 2) the gut has become somewhat leaky, allowing this intestinal chemical, LPS, to make its way into the bloodstream. How empowering it is to know that this process, the loss of neurogenesis, may be offset by engaging in aerobic exercise! Now again, it’s a laboratory animal and it may be seen as a leap to generalize this to humans, but hey, that’s my job! I want to give you the information and I hope you will find this research as intriguing as did.

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  • Ri

    another great video! not to mention exercise releases toxins and increases your metabolic rate so many great perks and just twenty minutes a day!what does LPS stand for?

    • Graziella

      I think LPS stands for lipopolysaccharides.

  • Emmaleet

    How about muscle strengthening as well? How about seniors that are not able to do much in the aerobic arena?

    • http://www.ledway.pl/ Wmumart

      try water aerobics. It works fantastic for me

  • http://drdanenberg.com/ Dr. Alvin Danenberg

    I think this is the article that Dr. Perlmutter was referring to: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4518639/

  • Pamela Erickson

    Does walking qualify??

    • Rochelle

      Yes, it does. Enjoy.

  • http://www.ledway.pl/ Wmumart

    I am recovering from brain tumor surgery.My neurosurgeon did fantastic job since I do not have any side effects. Being blessed with ability to work out I do water aerobics , for now about 1-hour every 2-3days and have to admit my strength comes back fast. Best of all I do not feel tired even after very intense workout

  • http://www.ledway.pl/ Wmumart

    Dr Marcin Skawinski is an amazing person he did the surgery with Professor Marchal supervision thank you Lord for all

  • http://www.sugarshockblog.com/2014/04/the-sugar-world-summit-is-scheduled-for-october-17.html ConnieBennett

    Great information. Nice to read after a day of ample exercise! : )

  • Rochelle

    Great video. I love exercise and I do think it’s a powerful tool for our healthy and wellbeing. Thank you.

  • Em

    I was wondering what LPS stood for as well. My husband who has a strange sense of humor thought it stood for “little pieces of s___:). Sorry. Yes, we do exercise and try to follow Dr Perlmutter’s advice.

  • Lisa

    Do you feel that tinnitus is a form of inflammation or could be? I ask because, when I stay away from sugar and carbs, especially gluten, it subsides dramatically,

  • kay

    Hi there, I hope dr. Pearlmutter can answer this for me. I’m actually on my 1 day fast, had the blood work done, my cholesterol total was 261….ouch! I was on grain brain for about 3 weeks & then fell off for a couple weeks,but am ready to get serious now. Bought all the supplements , have food & as I said I’m fasting today to get a nice start tomorrow! I’m excited….a few hours ago my neighbor, who is aware I’m trying to change my bad habits, brought me a book she thought I would enjoy & may help me lose weight. I’ts called Eat to Live by Joel fuhrman, I thought I may get some recipes from it for my new grain brain life,the first page I saw was “the dark side of Animal Protein” it blew my mind! I am totally confused now & upset! It’s like eat his way for low cholesterol, & avoid heart attacks & cancer but maybe get Alzheimer’s or according to dr. Pearlmutter, eat lean meat & veggies, no grain & have a great brain, but according to Fuhrman I’ll have a heart attack and get Cancer from animal protein! This is so disheartening for me, this is why people are still fat, we dom’t know who to believe anymore! I’m ready to just forget it all & take my chances & go get a huge pizza! Now I am scared to keep going along with grain brain after reading I’m headed for a heart attack in the other book! Please someone help me figure this out!

    • Thomas

      Just stick with the grain brain diet….you will be much better off than what you’re eating at the moment…..dietary advice always contridicts each other, just go with whatever resonates with you at the moment and forget the rest

  • Michelle

    When writing any paper I was always told that the first time you use an abbreviation you should clarify by putting the full name in first. LPS, I am now heading off to find out what it is?!
    Your book ‘The Grain Brain’ changed my life, I have been following a low carbohydrate, sugar free, gluten free diet for around a year now and have never felt better. ‘Brain Maker’ is on my Christmas list and I have been good so am pretty sure Santa will oblige. Thank you