Alzheimer’s disease now affects more than 5.5 million Americans, and it is a disease without cure or meaningful treatment. Dr. Mary Newport, a medical doctor specializing in the care of critically ill newborns, was thrust into the role of caregiver when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. But rather than remain passive and agree to the “standard of care”, Dr. Newport began an in-depth pursuit to gain an understanding of what actually underlies the neuronal failure characteristic of this disease. She chronicles this journey, and her discoveries, in her book Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure?.

This is a compelling work that’s focused on the idea of providing ketones, a type of fat, to power brain cells.

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  • cheryl

    Thank you Dr. Newport for your most informative book that my husband and I read three years ago when I realized after his retirement at 69 he was in the early stages of dementia. We read it twice and soon after taking 4 Tab of coconut oil daily saw a drastic return to his wonderful personality. Wanting to do more for him and continued research six months later Dr Perlmutter’s book “Grain Brain” came out which we both read! After eliminating all the grains and dairy from our diet within months he was his old self….and I might add my sinus/migraines/fatigue vanished. My next step was to make an appointment for him to see Dr Perlumutter since we vacationed in Naples every year. My two attempts five months in advance were unsuccessful but I knew we were on the right track! Once again thank you both for opening our eyes to what is out there! Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly seven months ago of something totally unrelated.

  • ri

    another great interview! but it should be mentioned that not all coconut oil is the same you should be using only organic virgin and unrefined I like Nutiva-ive recently started blending it into my morning coffee and it tastes amazing and gives it a nice froth on top which makes it look like a latte-really delicious!
    has your dad adopted a ketogenic diet dr perlmutter and if so has his condition improved?

  • Ri

    Hi Dr Perlmutter where is that interview with you and DR Ludwig about his new book I seen it on youtube but not on here..?

  • Yvonne Forsman

    I am waiting for medical cannabis to become available here in FL. I don’t know if I have Alzheimer’s but I do have a memory problem, not remembering words (not severe). Re carbs, I stopped grains and beans a few years ago, I switched from vegan to paleo diet, and re coconut oil, I go thru one jar a week, but I still have the memory problem. It may be caused by the pain medicines I am taking for chronic pain, and have been for 10 yrs, the memory problem coincides with the pain meds. The body is such a complex mechanism! Cannabis helps Alzheimer’s, and it would help me heal the chronic pain and get off of the pain meds! This was an interesting interview, thank you.

  • WendyDarling

    Dr. P – you do realize that Dr. Newport’s husband very recently passed from AD, correct?

    • David Perlmutter

      Yes, I added a comment noting that on Facebook Wendy. This sad development took place after our interview.

      • Janet

        Dr. Perlmutter, Do you know if perhaps the reason that grains are so detrimental to our health is (in addition to the fact that they have been modified) that they are no longer prepared as our ancestors prepared them (soaked and fermented before cooking)? Corn was soaked in lime water, Quaker Oats used to have a statement on their cereal box that oatmeal should be soaked overnight (usually in whey or buttermilk). This inhibits the deactivates the phytates. Can you shed any light on this please?

  • Angel

    We must also look at glyphosate and aluminum toxicity. A must, clean the liver with coffee enema’s. Take the toxic burden off the liver. Love the mct oil, coconut and palm oils. I feel wonderful with minimal carbs, and more fat. Now I’ve been noticing citrate in canned drinks. Aluminum and citrate, highly toxic to the brain. We need to know what we are putting in our bodies. Deficiency and/or toxicity most always a part of the problem. Then there is the gut, A good probiotic, or fermented foods great too. to your health!! Thanks for getting us to use our brains. and think for ourselves.

  • Renée Leach

    Love this interview thank you

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for watching Renee!

  • Leslie

    Thank you for this email alert and interview with Dr Mary Newport. I am an RN who has sought to follow functional/integrative medical resources for 35 years in order to help family members and now to prevent Alzheimers in my future. I had not ever understood why coconut oil (known as a saturated fat source) could provide such benefits. I was frustrated about why a saturated fat could provide such acclaimed benefits.. Thank you for having Dr Mary Newport share with us her journey and the percentage of MCT’s in cocount oil. This pathway of MCT ketogenic fuel for brain cells is incredibly significant and fascinating! She explained it very clearly. My father had Alzheimers which first presented at age 83 with death at age 88. He craved sugar, and now I realize that his brain was starved from “Type III”, etc as
    described. Are there other sources of MCT oils besides cocounut oil which can provide the same benefits? I only use Avacodo oil for the benefits of Omega 3 content and extra virgin olive oil as a “Mediterranean” monounstarated source for cooking. I use Nordic Naturals triglyceride form Omega 3’s. I am not sure if I am using adequate mg of EPA/DHA. I am remembering the movie Lorenzo’s Oil the true story about the epileptic boy whose mother researched the ketogenic diet in the library and travelled against overwhelming obstacles to one MD who was able to successfully treat him with the ketogenic diet. Please share more in detail about the most practical ways which we can implement these principles for prevention using the MCT’s for brain fuel. I have had significant concerns about mental energy. I have attained knowledge about neurotransmitters dopamine, NE, etc., but this is not perhaps the etiology of the energy problem. Dr Perlmutter, I have all 3 of your books and am well acquainted with Dr Amen’s clinic in Bellevue, WA office bc they have provided help for a family member. Having worked as a surgery RN for 28 years I had become a close friend of a surgery tech Nancy from Naples, FL (who relocated here to our gorgeous north Idaho) who has the greatest respect for you from her working years in Naples. Thank you immensely, Dr Perlmutter, for your sincere dedication to search and apply truth in science/nutrition by using God’s design in biochemistry and physiology for restoration of health.
    Leslie BSN, RN
    North Idaho

  • Burlington

    I am about to fry my breakfast eggs in coconut oil which can be bought in 54 oz. jars at Sam’s Club ($16.00). Dump the vegatable seed oils.

  • JohnInTheOC

    “Link Between Gut Bacteria and Cardiovascular Disease”

    I am excited about the recent discoveries in trimethylamine-N-oxide being able to predict future risk for heart attack, stroke, and death in patients who appear healthy. Published in Cell; by Cleveland Clinic. Perhaps it will also relate to dementia

    Since it is a metabolite of gut bacteria any thoughts or connections to a favorite species of probiotics that ‘normalizing’ trimethylamine-N-oxide?

  • Marley

    Students at our medical college were recently told about the brain benefits of coconut/MCT oil.

  • Deb Doherty

    Dr. Perlmutter
    I searched to find any research completed on ketogenic diet and chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment and could not find any. Can you discuss the implications and share any evidence that may be out there?
    Thank you.

  • Gloriagomezcanal

    Dr David hi. Can motor nuron disease can be reversible or cure? With a special diet..

  • Duc Viet Nguyen, Ph.D.

    Great thanks for all valuable information from speakers as well as mindful viewers.
    Coconut Oil is selling in Indian Market which looks like olive oil. Dried coconut is used in change for meat. We can have it to prevent disease.

  • gadrogeek

    Mainstream doctors are not learning about this in their periodicals. Ask your doctor about Type 3 Diabetes and notice their blank face. Meanwhile the media continues to put famous people with Alzheimer’s (e.g. Glen Campbell) at the front of their reports and telling us how sad this “loss” is.

    The bigger concern is why the lack of studies on the causes of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Whole organizations have been set up, collecting millions of dollars from governments and private donors, all to help us “manage” these conditions. How very sad this is!

    I am trying to connect the dots. The ultimate culprit seems to be aluminum, which is completely ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Aluminum has no known use in the human body. It is third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, yet it is never found naturally in its free state. Only by mining it and using incredible amounts of energy (electrical) can it be freed from its ore (bauxite).

    Yet, aluminum is still found in the brains of many Alzheimer’s patients.

    How did it get there? One answer is that fluoridation of our water supplies allows aluminum to cross the brain-blood barrier, due to the bonding of aluminum and fluoride.

    Please watch: “The Age of Aluminium” on Youtube for more sources of this very toxic metal. (It is NOT a heavy metal like lead.)

    By the way, NASA has admitted to carrying out weather modification experiments (i.e. geoengineering) by spraying the skies above us with compounds, including aluminum oxide and barium oxide. Check out the high
    levels of these elements in the water and soil in the Mount Shasta area of

    So, are there any toxic side effects of using coconut oil? Can someone overdose on its use? We use it every day. Replacing glucose with ketones
    sounds promising to me. Spread the word.