Are your best intentions always falling by the wayside as it relates to following dietary advice? Today on The Empowering Neurologist, I interview Rena Greenberg, author of, The Craving Cure.

Rena Greenberg’s success with weight loss hypnosis and gastric bypass hypnosis has been featured in 150+ news stories including USA Today, Woman’s World Magazine, The Doctor’s Show, CNN, Good Morning America and ABC-TV Nightline.

As Director of Wellness Seminars, Inc, Rena’s wellness program has been reviewed and sponsored in 75 hospitals and 100+ major corporations, including Walt Disney World, AT&T and Home Depot, since 1990. In August 2015, Rena’s 90-minute television special, Easy Willpower, aired on PBS stations across the country.

Rena holds a degree in biopsychology from the City University of New York.

She is also a hypnosis and NLP trainer and is board certified in biofeedback therapy.

Rena works with people all over the world, on Skype and in Sarasota, Florida, to improve their health, break free from addictions, lose weight, improve relationships and achieve their goals. Rena can be reached at

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  • Rochelle

    Interesting perspective, I agree with her. And your interview on The Fat Summit was amazing. Thank you.

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to know you enjoyed!

  • Bill Gasiamis

    Hi Dr Perlmutter I am loving learning from your amazing books and interviews that I have listened to. The learnings you share on brain health has turned my own brain health around and as a person recovering from 3 brain bleeds your work came at the exact right time for me. I am curious have you done any work on how paint fumes affect our gut and brain? I was a hands on painting contractor for 10 years and was exposed to many volatile organic compounds every day up to 6 days per week. I used to experience a strange sensation which, with my colleagues called fake hunger could you she some light? It happened when I used enamel paints and would make me feel hungry when in fact i was not. Thank you for all the work you do to bring new research findings to the general public. I am in Australia and feel like i have more knowledge than some of the doctors i deal with on a daily basis i.e. in the area of how food impacts our body and how we can benefit from an diet that excludes grain and high GI carbs. Can’t wait for them to catch up. Smiles Bill