I am very excited to announce that my public television special BrainChange is currently airing across the country. Over the next two weeks, check our page and your local listings to find when you can catch this valuable information.

You can make changes in your lifestyle today that will have a profound impact on how your brain will be working tomorrow. I hope you can join me.

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  • RiRi Ray

    hi Dr Perlmutter I loved Grain Brain im so happy ive read it. I picked up your book Power Up Your Brain yesterday and right away flipped to the diet section where I noticed that you said that an allergen is gluten and dairy but if you take a gluten sensitive test and find out your not gluten sensitive that you don’t need to avoid gluten and also under carbs you included whole grain pasta and breads so I found this to be a contradiction to you advocating a gluten free diet In Grain Brain. I know you collaborated on this book with Dr Villoldo so perhaps those were his recommendations and not yours? could you please explain because im confused now.